River Beats and Lakes - Beat 12

Beat 12

About this beat

Main River double bank and Carrier. The top of Beat 12 is the Main Road bridge on the Bunny ( the lane that links the A3057 to Longstock village) , it extends downstream, past the main hatches, to the Cattle bridge at the top of Beat 14. The Carrier , known as Kettle Ditch, can be fished from the bottom boundary up to the Fish Farm fence. Popular with families feeding the ducks, the Road bridge pool holds some large Trout but they can be hard to tempt on anything other than a representation of a piece of sliced white. Downstream, the concrete buttresses of the old hatches can be seen, there is a very deep pool behind the sill and a corresponding one on the new hatch system. Car Parking is through the gate next to the road bridge and the hut can be found on the right –hand bank near the bottom of the Beat.

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