River Season 2022

River beats will be open from May 1st 2022 - October 15th 2022. General bookings open on 1st January 2022

River Test

The Environment

Rich in wetland habitat such as Phragmites (Norfolk Reed), Leckford is home to rare Moths, Butterflies and a place you can still see and hear Cuckoos and watch Hobby’s catching Mayflies.

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Weed cutting dates 2022

The following are the River Test Weed cutting dates that apply to Leckford. The dates include Clearing Off days. June 12th-23rd July 17th-25th August 21st-29th

Partners and retired Partners only; Booking available from 1st December (non Partners bookings will be cancelled) Partners, please only book 1 day in the period 17th May - 12th June. Further information can be found on Partner choice. Bookings for non Partners will open on 1st January 2022

River Test Chalkstream, Longstock Park and Testside Lakes 

Leckford Estate owns and manages 16 fishing beats on the world famous River Test which runs through the middle of the Estate, with Leckford village to the east and Longstock to the west. The beats are open to fisherman from May to October. We also have two river fed lakes that are available all year round for fishing.

The four full time river keepers strive to keep this exceptional stretch of the River Test in pristine condition and give visiting anglers the true chalkstream experience.

Our beats are surrounded by almost 500 acres of water meadows and reed beds; all of which are included in the Test Valley SSSI. This gives a very special environment in which to cast a Dry Fly to our own reared Brown and Rainbow Trout and see a variety of plants, insects and animals particular to this ecosystem.

With a history of fishing dating back to the 18th century, it has been a place of tranquility and relaxation for many years, where people come to relax and take in the beauty of the villages of Leckford and Longstock and the surrounding countryside..