River Beats and Lakes - Beat 11

Beat 11

About this beat

This Beat is now Catch and Release 

As an experiment, Beat 11 is now Catch and Release, it will still be stocked but we are trying to improve it to favour wild fish. You may take your bag or return them to fight another day.

Carrier fishing, and lots of it. Beat 11 runs downstream of the Bunny (the Lane that joins the A3057 with Longstock village) and comprises of a braided system of Carriers originally dug to supply water to the Meadows in the 1800’s. This is small water and ideal for a 3 or 4 weight outfit, but don’t be mistaken in thinking all the fish are small. The deeper glides and pools hold fish of over 3lbs and a surprise monster is always on the cards. A stealthy approach is recommended as this is close quarter fishing. The Car Park is through the gate downstream of the Main road bridge on the Bunny ( the Lane that joins the A3057 with Longstock village). Follow the Beat markers heading South, beat 11 is signposted over a Left Hand Plank bridge. The hut is located at the end of the track, halfway down the Beat.

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