End of Season Update

We opened for fishing on 15th May, as soon as Boris gave the go ahead, so only missed the first fortnight. The decision was made to forego the Sign-in procedure to keep person to person contact to a minimum and to lock the Beat Huts, Covid signage was procured and put up and everything progressed as close to normal as possible. Some of our fishermen had to cancel due to the lack of accommodation in the surrounding area but the increased interest in all things outdoor meant the Beats were quickly re-booked.

The wet Winter gave healthy flows throughout the Summer and even when the temperatures crept into the 30's the water remained cool. Weed and bankside vegetation grew amazingly fast and gave us plenty of work just keeping up with the maintenance. 

The fishing by and large was very good, fly hatches were better than previous years, no doubt helped by the water volumes. Blue Winged Olives were seen in greater numbers and the September/October fishing was exceptional. Water clarity was also notable, even in the long hot days there was no evidence of the algae bloom that has been seen in other Summers.

Anglers reported a number of sightings of Hobby's, and Kingfishers were seen on every Beat. There were some impressive patches of Orchids and clouds of Black-Banded Damsels  fluttered up from the fringes as you walked past. All things considered I think most Fishermen found a new appreciation of how wonderous it is to be by the River, After Months of lockdown it was a relief to be out in the countryside trying to outsmart a Trout or two.

Hopefully we will be somewhere near normal next Spring and we can welcome everyone back at the beginning of May.